Hello world

Welcome to Tales from Tabata.

The aim of this blog is yet undefined. I wanted a place to document my thoughts about Japan after starting to learn Japanese four years ago. I’ve tried videos, two Tumblr blogs, reading lists, and so forth.

I hope this blog will be a success.

There is much to love about Japan. The Tokyo Olympics is coming in 2020, and “inbound” tourism is gearing up for that climax in two years. And yet there is also much to dislike about Japan. The aim of Tales from Tabata is to explore that tension from an outsider’s perspective.

The posts here are part anecdote, part research, part lived experience. I try to write with a culturally sensitive eye, but there is no avoiding the fact that I may be inflating parts of a culture unfamiliar to me. I hope this blog does not exoticize – but to what extent can you immerse yourself in a culture not yours without beginning to blur the lines?