What this blog will cover

I hope this blog will bring forward what I consider missing discourse on urban life, transitions into adulthood, the “millennial” generation, and how English-speaking, ethnically Chinese individuals from Hong Kong broadly interface with other cultures.

To that end, I aim to cover some of these topics in the future:

  • Job-hunting in Japan
  • Passive-aggressiveness
  • Driving as a gendered act
  • Personal experiences as a language learner
  • The two times I’ve been called “unprofessional” in my life (they were both during unpaid internships)
  • Book titles that challenge norms and boundaries about Japan, or at least provide interesting views
  • Convenience stores
  • Jinshin jiko

What this blog will NOT cover:

  • Why Japan is so cool and amazing and why everyone should visit and eat all the ramen and sushi and visit Akihabara
  • The future of the rule of law in Hong Kong, and views with regards other sensationalist ‘legal’ issues that I believe have the right to keep to myself; besides, I am fatally unqualified to cover this issue.