Recent journal articles

All from the latest issue of electronic journal of contemporary japanese studies.

Ethnographic approach on cultural practice through CMC: New Year greetings in Japanese mobile phone e-mail as example (Noboru Sakai)

A review of customs and norms of new year’s greetings sent among friends and family (in lieu of paper postcards) – emojis comprise of 4.79 percent of the message content, which is ~2 percent more than a normal message!

Conceptual and concrete views of globalisation on a multicultural Japanese university campus (Ana Sofia Hofmeyr)

Interesting findings from a survey done at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University vis-a-vis the trend of a ‘globalized’ Japanese workforce (whatever that means):

Although Ritsumeikan APU has a uniquely multicultural campus, where Japanese students are not only encouraged, but often required to interact with international students both within and outside the classroom, only half of the students surveyed said they felt satisfied with the amount of intercultural interaction on campus. Moreover, less than half admitted to making use of the intercultural opportunities provided on campus and many identified issues establishing friendships with non-Japanese speaking peers.