Priority seats are toxic

There’s a hilarious video (or a really sad video, depending on your perspective) about priority seats from TomoNews:

  1. An organization in Sendai thought it was a good idea to “reserve” seats on a train by placing pieces of paper all over the train one station in advance for their members, who were all elderly.
  2. An old man told a pregnant woman to get up because he was entitled to the priority seat.
  3. A woman assaulted a man on a bus for sitting in a priority seat.
  4. Two women got into a fight in China because the woman to whom the seat was given didn’t say thank you.
  5. A 71-year-old man decided to wave a knife at a man who sat next to him and was operating an iPad. The 71-year-old man apparently didn’t like people who played on mobile devices at the priority seats.

All 5 of these events push the concept of priority seats to the logical extreme. I’m not sure, though, if any of these events actually happened. TomoNews is, after all, the Japanese equivalent of 蘋果動新聞.