Five more manga recommendations

Here are some more off-beat and hipster manga recommendations I hope more people should enjoy.

1. 鬱ごはん(秋田書店)  Short chapters about a single, unemployed fresh graduate in Tokyo who lives off very realistic meals of plastic bag-wrapped takeaway meals, paper box gyozas, and vending machine beverages.

2. おやすみプンプン(小学館)  A coming-of-age story about a boy (depicted as a bird, and various other life forms) who grows up in a troubled family in a Tokyo suburb. After finishing the series, read this English-language interview (spoilers!) with the author, Inio Asano, who explains the philosophy behind the story.

3. 月刊少女野崎くん(SQUARE ENIX) A comedy about a manga artist cum high-school male student. His classmate wanted to confess her love to him but ends up becoming her manga assistant. The premise isn’t really that exciting but the characters and stories are hilarious.

4. 竜の学校は山の上 (イースト・プレス)  This is an anthology of works by  Ryōko Kui (now better known for her widely available series ダンジョン飯 Delicious in Dungeon). My favorite is a short story that features a modern world where both centaurs and humans co-exist.

5. マイホームヒーロー (講談社)  A father takes extreme measures to protect his daughter from a criminal gang. How far can he go?