The Japan Times: “Japanese athletes under fire after Asian Games scandal”

Philip Brasor on the anatomy of a scandal in the Japanese media:

The weekly Shincho’s coverage of the basketball story was typical. Describing the news conference with the four disgraced athletes after their return from Jakarta as a “public execution,” the magazine revealed its stance, which is that the matter was blown out of proportion by the mainstream press, who kept demanding the players apologize to the nation in humiliating fashion. These young men’s lives, and not just their careers, have been destroyed.


Shincho questioned the Asahi Shimbun’s decision to report the players’ late night rendezvous, implying that the newspaper, acting out of a smug sense of journalistic professionalism, not only ruined these players’ lives but brought attention to this area of Jakarta and, at least temporarily, scared away business. The reporter added that South Korea was probably happy about the scandal.

Speaking of scrutinizing the Asahi Shimbun’s journalistic practices, the Asahi Shimbun published a whole book recently about why it is so hated and why it is a staunch defender of liberalism in Japan. It’s like how someone wrote a whole dissertation about why, despite not wearing pink on Wednesdays, she can still sit with Regina George.