Mainichi Shimbun: How JR West teaches its employees about railway safety

According to Mainichi Shimbun, JR West, which operates the Sanyo Shinkansen line, unironically instills a culture of safety by making its employees sit inside a train tunnel and to get a feel of what a train passing at 300 km/h is like:


According to a veteran employee in his 50s, the training is called the “300km/h experience training.”


He heard it was scary and told his supervisor that he didn’t want to go. But his supervisor said: “It’s your turn now.”


On the day, the employees were split into two groups and each entered the tunnel. Donning helmets and safety googles, they sat in the tunnel access path, and ducked their heads when the Shinkansen train neared.

It’s supposed to be a valuable corporate learning experience:


The male employee sat through three trains in each direction. He said, “The wind pressure was really strong. I felt pinned down. It was scary. Was there any meaning behind this training?


After the exercise, there was a group discussion, and everyone wrote reflection papers. A colleague who received the training on a different day also said that it was scary.

Here are other corporate ideas from Japan’s world-leading railway companies (actually, both are from JR Tokai, another operator of the Shinkansen):