Men who maintain their masculine cool in embarrassing situations of failure

Kokone Nata (那多ここね), a manga artist, is in the middle of an exciting big break transition from pixiv to Square Enix after Nata’s series, Cool Doji Danshi (クールドジ男子), went viral on Twitter.

The manga is about four ikemen. They look cool, and keep their cool even in everyday moments of failure, which includes listening to loud music with their earphone unplugged, leaving their wallets behind at the convenience store, and raising their hands to adjust their glasses on days when they wear their contacts.

How did Nata come up with Cool Doji Danshi? According to an interview with Buzzfeed Japan:


“I thought a doodle of a boy I drew looked like he had forgot his wallet. He had messed up, but from the side he looked really cool, so I decided to start a series of “cool doji” boys.”

The entire series of illustrations can be found in this Twitter thread.