Japan Times: “Startup takes stress out of fed-up workers’ exit plans”

Alex Martin on a promising new startup called Exit:

Niino and Okazaki [the founders] says [sic] they have worked for clients who felt cornered to the point of considering taking their own lives. For them, Exit provided a life-saving solution.

Once an online request is accepted and the fee is deposited, Exit contacts the employer and notifies them of the client’s intention to resign and how, in most cases, they will no longer be coming in to work. Exit will relay other requests the client may have, including using up any paid leave, but steers clear of anything that requires a lawyer to handle, such as negotiating severance packages.

The Q&A section on Exit’s website is quite interesting:

Q4. 親にバレずに退職できますか?

Q4. Can I quit without my parents knowing?
We ask companies to refrain from contacting your parents, as we ask them to refrain from contacting you. Most companies adhere to our request. However, we cannot guarantee that they will not contact your parents.

Prices start at 50,000 yen for full-time employees.