Buzzfeed: “$1 Sushi Vs. $133 Sushi”

I had a good friend at Georgetown who would use Buzzfeed as her main source of news, and I used to make fun of her for doing so. But then Buzzfeed started to use the cash it earned from hosting quizzes on whether you were the mental age of a fat middle-aged man or a schoolgirl into paying writers (hopefully at a fair rate) for excellent opinion articles on Taylor Swift’s fake romantic drama and excellent reporting in general. And I stopped making fun of my friend and duly downloaded the Buzzfeed News app on my phone.

So you know your company has made it when, in the process of making a video comparing junk food sushi that will make Jiro Ono’s mentors turn in their grave and three Michelin-starred sushi from Kyubey in Ginza, that the PR representative from Kura Sushi comes out and explains how his company’s robots knead rice on a massive scale in their kitchens, and Mr. Yosuke Imada decides to open Kyubey up during the day just to explain to two American men and a Japanese woman his humble and fiery life philosophy.

The result is a very thoughtful but accessible video on the different ways of how sushi is consumed and produced in modern Japanese life, and I think it’s definitely worth the twenty minutes of your time.