Vice: “‘Chomp’ Magazine Offers a Queer Look at Japanese Street Culture”

Kaitlin Chan, a great friend of mine and the author of this very blog’s beautiful banners and icons, and Beatrix Pang have created Queer Reads Library, a reading space for people to browse its collection of books and independently published zines which focus on queer narratives from all around the world.

Last weekend, at Queer Reads Library’s booth at CultureFest in Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, I purchased the latest issue of a Japanese scene called Chomp, a super fun zine from Japan.

It’s difficult to explain what amused me so much about Chomp when I was browsing through Queer Reads Library, but this 2016 Vice interview with its creator, Mitsu Sucks, is a helpful guide:

As a gay guy, I always had trouble identifying with the mainstream gay scene in Japan. And I could never find a publication that spoke to me. Gay themes in Japan are very one-note and tend to fall into one of two categories: They’re either full-on porn or fashion-related. They also take themselves very seriously. I wanted to create something different and definitely more lighthearted.

By the way: if you’re in Hong Kong this weekend, check out Queer Reads Library’s Queer Reads Picnic at Tai Kwun on Friday night and say hello to Kaitlin and Beatrix!