Eight years later


Today marks eight years since the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

I intend not to replace the immediate, intimate, and introspective accounts of the disaster. But 3.11 has become part of the mass media consciousness, if not the national consciousness—as this manga from Inio Asano serves as an allegory to. At the risk of relating the disaster to Tokyo when really the devastation it brought to many people’s lives has little to do with Tokyo—except, perhaps, for reduced electricity consumption and having fewer trains run for a while—train companies in Tokyo pull off an annual stunt to stop every single train on their network at the moment the earthquake struck, while Yahoo Japan tells everyone, especially people in Shibuya, to remember by typing “3.11” into their search engine. And what was the minister for reconstruction thinking when he said, with television cameras rolling, that he was relieved that it happened in Tohoku, because if it was anywhere closer to the Tokyo metropolitan area, the economic loss to Japan would be much greater? And what is wrong with people who bully children fleeing from Fukushima to Tokyo?

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