Tsundoku Digest: March 22, 2019

Here are some tabs I’ve left hanging in my browser this week:

A beautiful visual guide to Starbucks Japan’s new mecca in Nakameguro.

The Worth It crew gets to eat pre-packed A5-grade wagyu beef, but my gut feeling is that they merely encountered a shrewd entrepreneur who packs random luxury food items into beautiful wooden lunch boxes and sells them for a huge markup to tourists in Nikko (if anyone even can afford it).

This song literally speaks to two types of exchange students: American dipshits who try their luck every night in Roppongi, and timid Japanese nerds who are too scared to speak English in American college classrooms. The lyrics are literally bilingual: you hear either a Japanese or (and?) an English-language voice speaking to you at the same time. It’s really jarring. I love it.

I wished I traveled to Peru for spring break once upon a time.