Asahi Shimbun: “Ward assembly welcomes its 1st member of Indian descent”

Some exciting news (Japanese version here) coming from Tokyo’s Edogawa Ward assembly after the municipial elections held across Japan last weekend:

A native of India who goes by the nickname “Yogi” was elected to Tokyo’s Edogawa Ward assembly, and pledged to serve as a bridge between Japan and foreign nationals.

Puranik Yogendra, who is 41 and a naturalized Japanese, garnered 6,477 votes, the fifth highest of the 226,561 valid ballots cast, in the April 21 poll, part of unified local elections held across the nation.

If anything, no one can deny that Japan’s metropolitan areas are changing fast:

Edogawa Ward is multi-ethnic in its makeup and boasts the highest number of Indian residents among Tokyo’s 23 wards with 4,300 or so Indian nationals registered, accounting for more than 10 percent of Indians living in Japan.

The ward also has a large number of Chinese and Koreans.

Meanwhile, immigrants from the Global South in Hong Kong are still struggling in schools because no one wants to teach Cantonese as a second language. What gives?