Typhoon No. 19 is the size of Japan

Japan is shutting down for Typhoon Hagibis this weekend. Did you know that the typhoon is the size of the entire country (minus Okinawa)?

Here’s the view from space, which is chillingly reminiscent of a scene from The Day After Tomorrow:

Getting the message to the millions of foreign-born residents in Japan is a priority:

Screenshot 2019-10-11 at 4.34.15 PM

There used to be a joke (conspiracy theory) called “Li’s Field” in Hong Kong whereby typhoons would conveniently pass by the city overnight or over the weekend, so people wouldn’t get their day off from work or school.

But climate change is real, and Li Ka-shing has since retired. Japan is now no stranger to typhoons from the Pacific passing by overnight and on the weekends (in addition to active volcanoes and earthquakes, oh dear), while Hong Kong has had a pretty nice and stable summer, weather-wise. Save and except for all the tear gas in the air. And Li Ka-shing’s businesses have pretty much divested from Hong Kong.

Unlike Hong Kong, however, typhoon employment protections aren’t as strong in Japan:

Apparently, people on Twitter are complaining that employers still want you to show up to work on Saturday by leaving early, trying your best to go to work even if you end up arriving late, and if the trains aren’t running, your boss will pick you up using the company car (is that even safe)?

These companies probably won’t be around for much longer.