Unseen Japan: “Queer Eye: We’re in Japan! Gets it Right”

Noah Oskow reviews the latest instalment of the Netflix franchise:

A personal focus on one individual Tokyoite per episode, centered on their specific lives and issues, allows for a more natural, ground-up view of Japanese societal issues than the more wide-ranging visions shown elsewhere. Whether it be the idea of lost womanhood (episode 1); the pressure to hide one’s true self in Japanese culture (in the LGBT-focused 2nd episode); bullying and self-image (episode 3); or sexless, romance-less marriages (episode 4), the show allows major Japan-specific societal problems to be brought to life. Yet it’s the personal nature of how Queer Eye presents the problems to the viewer that truly sets this mini-series apart. The statement isn’t “look at these strange problems in Japanese society.” Rather, it’s “get to know these authentic people, whose real lives are affected by societal pressures.”

Here’s the tender trailer for the show: