John Oliver and Chiitan square off

With 40 days left till 2020, Tales from Tabata begins its video year in review by recapping how Chiitan☆ caught John Oliver’s attention in New York City.

According to the Washington Post‘s Simon Denyer:

Essentially, John Oliver became a fan [of Chiitan☆]. And to join the fun, he made a mascot of his own, named Chiijohn, who traveled to Susaki.

All of this left Chiitan the mascot unhappy. So Oliver was challenged to a “no-holds-barred match” and to explode through tables (a reference to another Oliver piece about WWE wrestling). The comedian tweeted drily: “I’m in a public beef with an unsanctioned Japanese otter. I needed this.”

Susaki, with an aging population of 20,000 people, is not quite sure whether to laugh or cry.