Trippin’: A Design Lover’s Guide

I was stunned to discover Trippin’: A Design Lover’s Guide hiding on the bottom shelves of Book B in Hong Kong last weekend.

This fabulous, pocket-sized zine (more of a full-length book really, running at over 120 pages) by Ryan Len and Ella Zheng, who are based in Singapore, is overflowing with fantastic travel destinations to all the cool places in Tokyo people have told me about in the past 5 years, from 21_21 Design Sight (they went to the same show as I did!) to Scai The Bathhouse in Nezu, a beautiful front and back cover, and funny illustrations.

And although the zine is starting to get dated (the Muji Harajuku, for example, moved to Ginza this past April), this guide goes a long way to show that Tokyo isn’t just a place to get boring chain store ramen and Bic Camera electronics.

But what really blew my mind away was the guide’s middle section, which is dedicated to all the paper items that Len and Zhang collected in Tokyo. And I thought I was the only person in the world who had an obsession with collecting pamphlets from traveling in Japan and then scanning them! The icing on the cake was a fictitious pink sales slip that bookstores and publishers traditionally use to record book sales.

Trippin’: A Design Lover’s Guide can be found on Len and Zhang’s website.