Netflix: Aggretsuko Creator Interview with Rarecho & Yeti

37 days left!

Aggretsuko is one of my favorite shows, period, precisely because big entertainment companies don’t seem to like to invest in documentary investigations into modern millennial anxieties.

The first season was a grimly realistic picture of work (not just in Japan, but everywhere): serving tea to your overbearing boss, barely tolerating weasel colleagues that side only with your overbearing boss, and befriending the power figures in your office just to survive. Plus there was Haida, my favorite submissive male hyena.

The second season, released this past summer, takes it one step further. We don’t stop aging, as Retsuko’s mother helpfully reminds Retsuko’s, and so we don’t stop fretting over when we want to get married as our friends do.

Granted, this is just my view of the show. I want to balance things out on how the weeaboos see this “anime” on MyAnimeList:

The plot itself was pretty all over the place in terms of quality. At times I felt appreciative on the show’s preachment on the issue of marriage presenting different respectable sides from different respectable angles. However, at times I found myself often confused on a characters ability to make a basic easy decisions that could resolve a problem simply without having to drag it on. The writers painted the picture of the relationship as controlling and suffocating, yet Retsuko can’t even define that as the reason for ending their relationship, only that her partner won’t marry her and start a family with her. I knew Retsuko was clueless, but I didn’t know the writers wanted to make her completely moronic to not see this after her eyes were opened to the relationship’s problems. On another note can someone please explain to me why there is tid bits of FILLER scattered throughout the series. Ten episodes is not ample time to play a round of fucking golf with the boys. WHO GAVE THESE WRITERS PERMISSION TO MIX AGGRETSUKO WITH ACTUAL FUCKING MUSICAL NUMBERS. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS FANWORKS HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME.

With respect, knowing golf is pretty much mandatory in the Japanese corporate world, so I don’t see why a writer would have considered that as filler.