The Onion: "Tokyo Drivers Gridlocked As 12-Legged Catbus Overturns On Highway"

From America’s Finest (Fake) News Source:

“It feels like this kind of horror happens every week now—just once I’d like to get on the turnpike without seeing a dozen mutilated paws flailing helplessly at the air,” said traffic safety officer Yuki Nakamura, 34, who said the incident occurred when a tabby bus conveying two little girls, the feline driver/bus entity itself, and several unnamed spirits attempted to circumvent traffic by bouncing off nearby power lines like a trampoline, misjudged its leap badly, and tumbled onto the roadway below at high speeds.

There’s a hilariously grisly traffic accident photo too. A sub-plot to consider for the live action My Neighbor Totoro film?