This song is on my repeat playlist

Embedded in this feel-good anime about two women making their big break in music is this anthem on modern life by a “chorus group that sings in perfect harmony“.

According to an (unreviewed) annotation on, the chorus of this song is deep:

This section of the song slow down the pace of the piece, incorporating more minor chords and the use of the words “motherfucker” and “oh” to reduce the intensity of the song. The theme of exasperation is still not lost but is achieved through a more morose method, albeit still satirical. Furthermore, the repetitive use of the word “oh” shows a bit of desperation, an emotion closely related to exasperation. The back up vocals represent the other rejects of society as there are few of them that quietly “back up” the opinion of the vocalist who is depicted as a pariah for the trans-human and transsexual [sic] communities.

In all seriousness though, Netflix helped distribute this masterpiece internationally, which I appreciate. I hope Netflix invests my subscription money into brave animation projects like these, instead of burning big bucks to get Neon Genesis Evangelion, which, to the best of my knowledge, no one outside North America really cares about at this point.