Tokyo MX: 48,000 people petition JR East about "Takanawa Gateway" name

A new station is to open on the Yamanote Line next year. In June 2018, JR East held a naming competition on what to call the station. Coming at 130th place in the competition was “高輪ゲートウェイ (Takanawa Gateway)”, a corporatist combination of Japanese-influenced English and manufactured marketing hype for the Tokyo Olympics with a dash of regret to come when people look back at the decision in 20 years.

To be fair, here is JR East’s explanation:

この地域は、古来より街道が通じ江戸の玄関口として賑わいをみせた地であり、明治時代には地域をつなぐ鉄道が開通した由緒あるエリアという歴史的背景を持っています。 新しい街は、世界中から先進的な企業と人材が集う国際交流拠点の形成を目指しており、新駅はこの地域の歴史を受け継ぎ、今後も交流拠点としての機能を担うことになります。新しい駅が、過去と未来、日本と世界、そして多くの人々をつなぐ結節点として、街全体の発展に寄与するよう選定しました。

The historical background of the district is that it has been home to a major highway since ancient times, once prospered as the entrance to Edo, and was a historic area in the Meiji period where railways that connected to different areas in Japan began. The new developments around the station aim to form an international exchange hub where advanced corporations and human resources gather from all over the world, and the new station will continue this district’s history and serve as an exchange hub in the future. The new station serves as a gateway to the past and future, Japan and the world, as well as between people, and so we chose this name to reflect how the station will contribute to the new developments in the district.

I’m not sure if Takanawa Gateway would be able to replace Roppongi’s clubs, though, if that’s what JR East is aiming for.

Thankfully, the name also gave birth to the most nightmarish cosplay I’ve ever seen at Comic Market.