Born from the protests: Hong Kong’s political zines

From Ayumi Nakayama, the owner of Taco Che, an independent bookseller in Nakano Broadway:


There is no prescribed method for making a zine. A great zine could be made from photocopied pages of handwritten scripts stapled together. Anyone can make one from materials readily available as soon as a fresh idea comes into mind. But I have seen new zines being distributed just two days after an event happens. The unusually high quality and speed that these protest zines have been made is a a level of skill that rivals newspapers and weekly magazines.


For example, on August 11, a female volunteer medic was shot in the right eye, and she lost her sight. On the same day, an illustration book about the incident was uploaded onto the Internet, and it become a zine. I have ordered a number of zines from Hong Kong, and am always surprised by their work.