Futako-Tamagawa Bookshop Expo (二子玉川 本屋博)

If you’re in Tokyo this weekend, check out this super cool collection of 40 bookstores from across Japan gathering in the Futako-Tamagawa, a suburb on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line.

I’ve been to some of the bookstores that are coming—like Keibunsha in Ichijoji, Kyoto (which has a great selection of books across the arts), and Cat’s Meow Books in Sangenjaya, Tokyo (a cat-themed bookstore with shelter cats that has published a whole book about how they got started)—and some others I’ve heard of but haven’t been, but plenty of small booksellers I’ve never heard of.

To top it all off: the event organizers are selling a zines introducing all 40 booksellers at the event, so you can travel across Japan to see the stores in person after the fair.