Professional voice actors waste their talents on a UNO game

Japanese audio, with English subtitles available.

Male voice actors are a blend of celebrity, singer, actor, and sexy masculine voice producer in a ruthless industry. Outside of anime, you generally see them on TV, radio, Twitter livestreams, or at events formal (at sold-out stage performances) or impromptu (for example, at shopping malls).

Most voice actors have Twitter accounts. Hanae Natsuki, who voices Tanjirou Kamado, the protagonist in Kimetsu no Yaiba, has a YouTube gaming channel with over a million subscribers. Natsuki says it’s a personal gaming channel, but it’s comes with a graphics package and is fully subtitled in English, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, and Traditional Chinese … so I wonder who does the editing work for him.

You can watch him play a variety of indie horror games, a Kimetsu no Yaiba platformer (every Tanjiro fan’s dream), or in this case, an UNO game with Ono Kensho (who voices Tetsuya Kuroko, the protagonist in Kuroko’s Basketball) and Eguchi Takuya (who voices Shinji Koganei also in in Kuroko’s Basketball).