Stage another protest in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Yesterday I wrote that you could stage a protest against Tom Nook/たぬきち and his evil Resident Services/たぬき開発 in Animal Crossings: New Horizons.

Now you can take your anger to the next level and direct your ire at Mr. Shinzo Abe himself:

“安倍政権を許さない” reminds me of “アベ政治を許さない” (roughly translated to mean “we will not tolerate Abe’s politics“), a popular chant from the 2015 protests against the amendments to Japanese military legislation which allows the Self-Defense Forces to act in “collective self-defense“.

(“政権” points more to Mr. Abe’s administration, whereas “政治” points more towards Mr. Abe’s politics and policies, such as his personal obsession with the Tokyo Olympics. Which he’s not even a party to in the IOC’s host city contract! Maybe privity of contract doesn’t exist in Swiss law.)

Look closer and you’ll see that the picture is actually a triptych of undesirables: two pictures of Mr. Abe enveloping a central portrait of Mr. Trump. Mr. Abe, after all, is so desperate to be Mr. Trump’s friend that he’s willing to golf with Mr. Trump until he trips into a sand bunker.

Here’s an alternate name for the island:

(島 for ‘island’ and 党 for ‘political party’ can have the same reading in this context.)

Update: folks from Hong Kong can now protest against Ms. Carrie Lam and her despicable administration as well.