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Tales from Tabata

Tales from Tabata is a blog about thoughts on Japan from a former Japanese language student. It aims to cover the extraordinary and the underreported about Japan from the perspective of an American-educated, Hong Kong-born quadrilingual millennial.

Longform think pieces about contemporary Japanese life, linked lists, and amateur translations of Japanese-language articles form the backbone of this site.

Kenneth Lee

Kenneth Lee is the author of Tales from Tabata. An alumnus of Georgetown University, he was an exchange student at Waseda University, wrote a number of things for the Georgetown Voice, and learned how to use a rice cooker when he was an undergraduate student at the School of Foreign Service. He is based in Hong Kong.

As a Waseda student, he lived in Tabata, Tokyo.

This blog represents Kenneth Lee’s personal opinions only. For details, please see the Disclaimer.


Tabata (田端) is a suburb in Kita-ku, Tokyo. It is one of the stops on the Yamanote Line, a major commuter line in Tokyo. Tabata Station’s claim to fame is that the Keihin-Tohoku Line’s rapid train service stops at Tabata.

In February 2016, Tabata was voted the 4th lamest Yamanote Line station (山手線で最もダサいと思う駅ランキング) by the variety program Monday Late Show (月曜から夜ふかし).


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