Five manga recommendations in less than fifty words each

Here are some off-beat and hipster manga recommendations I hope more people should enjoy.

1. あげくの果てのカノン(小学館)AND HE ARRIVED AT THE KANON. A poisonously addictive cocktail of post-apocalyptic science fiction and extramarital love affair. The author admitted at a talk event that she had no experience of dating anyone before.

2. 春風のエトランゼ(祥伝社)Harukaze No Étranger. A love story between a 20-year-old freeter and a 27-year-old writer. The writer ran away from his home in Hokkaido (and from an arranged marriage) after telling his parents he was gay. Beautiful illustrations. See also the prequel 海辺のエトランゼ.

3. ポプテピピック(竹書房)POP TEAM EPIC. An absurdist comic that makes absolutely no sense. A title that one can genuinely judge by its cover. See also its anime adaptation which is separately a piece of art.

4. 僕たちがやりました(講談社)Bokutachi Ga Yarimashita. A thriller about four high school boys whose school is constantly harassed by yanki youth from the neighboring school. They do a terrible thing in revenge, and the comic follows the consequences of their actions on their lives.

5. れっつ! ハイキュー!?(集英社)Let’s! Haikyuu!? A parody of the Haikyuu volleyball manga. You’ll need to watch either the anime or read the original Haikyuu manga for this parody to make sense.